Together TV, the Channel that Helps You Channel Your Inner Good

Caroline Diehl is a serial social entrepreneur in the impact media space. She is Executive Chair and Founder of the UK’s only charitable and co-operatively owned national broadcast television channel Together TV, which she first launched in 2000 as The Community Channel.

Together TV broadcasts free-to-air 24hrs a day into all UK homes.

Indigital Schools

Indigital Works to Close the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Digital Divide

Indigital is Australia’s first Indigenous Edu-tech company, specializing technology development and digital skills training in augmented and mixed realities, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and geospatial technologies.

Its mission is to close the digital divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, by providing a meaningful pathway for Indigenous people into the digital economy and the creation of future technologies.

Rivaayat Sustains Terracotta Pottery Art Form

Rivaayat is a social initiative by the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce to sustain and revive the dying art form of terracotta pottery.The existence of numerous problems such as lack of technical knowledge and potters being unable to meet the current demand of the customers has led to it slowly fading away.

Eneza Education

Examples of Tech Social Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

In this TechCrunch article, it tackles how social entrepreneurship is making a difference around the world and features social enterprises that are creating impact.

Among the social entrepreneurs featured are Toni Maraviglia, a former teacher, and Kago Kagichiri, a tech guru, who launched Eneza Education, an edtech platform that started in Kenya and has now spread to Ghana and Tanzania.