Top iTunesU Courses that Aim to Inspire Social Entrepreneurs

iTunes U has a variety of courses geared towards social entrepreneurship. With this app, it allows students to have customized learning experiences. Through learning that’s tailored to suit every student aspiring to be a social entrepreneur, checks off the top iTunes U courses and classes that are free to take. Some have videos, others have only audio. Take your pick:

Duke University – The Faqua School of Business

Course: How Business Models, Capita Markets, and Ecosystems Help Scale Social Change

Class: Business Models for Social Entrepreneurs

Stanford University – Graduate School of Business

Course: Social Innovation

Class: Social Entrepreneur Invent the Future

Class: Creating a Poverty free World

Pepperdine University School of Law

Course: Entrepreneur, Organizations and Corporations Effecting Innovations that Improve Society

Class: Social Responsibility

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Course: The Challenge of World Poverty

Class: Entrepreneurs and Workers

University of Chicago – Center for International Studies

Course: International Studies

Class: Hunger – The World’s Greatest Solvable Problem

Cornell University 

Course: Health and Nutrition

Class: The Global Food Crisis


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