The Power of Being Unreasonable

The Power of Being Unreasonable

Teju Ravilochan co-founded the Unreasonable Institute in 2009 to design an academy to tackle poverty, social justice, and educational voids. It’s a social-good school for traditional and nonprofit companies to learn how to speed-up, find partners, and help fund their world-changing ideas.

The problem is that not everyone can afford to participate. While Unreasonable receives some philanthropic funding, the group has charged tuition in the past, or taken a slice of future equity to ensure they’ll keep their own doors open.

The Unreasonable Institute just launched a Future Cities Accelerator to improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable within U.S. metro areas. It’s being funded in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation, which is sponsoring a $1 million competition to find and bankroll those with the best ideas.

Source: This New Accelerator Is Funding Projects That Fix The Systemic Issues Of Our Cities | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

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