‘Facebook at Work’ Transforms the Social Enterprise Landscape

At present, Facebook is developing a new social network for the workplace that could serve the consumerization of IT movement. ‘Facebook at Work’ will enable users to interact with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate on documents in a space that’s separate from their personal identities and activities.

And while the success of ‘Facebook at Work’, where it is building an at-work version of Facebook, is now changing the social enterprise landscape.

From a Forrester research note written by Koplowitz:

Facebook certainly has a familiar user experience that people love, and could blur the lines between employees and customers in a compelling way. They have the ability to drive enterprises toward new levels of customer activation. It’s not clear how far they would want go with an offering like this. To fully compete in the enterprise requires deep and complex capabilities that aren’t required in a consumer offering. It can also be a tough, low margin business where cost of sales can be high.

via How ‘Facebook at Work’ Could Alter the Social Enterprise Landscape | CIO