Bill Drayton Urges Development of Empathy in Social Entrepreneurship

Bill Drayton, Ashoka founder, coined the phrase “social entrepreneur” instead of almost naming it as “public service entrepreneur”. He strongly encourages empathy especially through the education sector, and explains why having that trait is more important than ever now.

“Every child must master empathy-based ethics. Why? Because if you don’t have empathy-based ethics and you try to be a good person by diligently following the rules, the faster change goes the rules cover less and less and you’re going to hurt people and disrupt groups and if you hurt me I don’t want you in my life,” Drayton explains.

He argues though that not everyone can be a social entrepreneur. Drayton defines it as someone that changes pattern, but everyone must be instrumental in being a changemaker.

via Bill Drayton on the importance of empathy | Social Enterprise Buzz