7 Millennials Who Are Transforming the World For the Better

7 Millennials Who Are Transforming the World For the Better

Millennials often get flak for being picky, narcissistic and fickle, especially when it comes to doing business. While unemployment struggles often reach more people in younger generations, these seven millennial entrepreneurs featured in the Huffington Post are too busy creating positive social impact, changing other people’s lives and theirs.

Here are the names of the entrepreneurs to check out in 2014.

1. Shiza Shahid, 24: Bringing The Fight For Girls’ Education To The Global Stage

2. Brittany Wenger, 19: Developed A Computer That Detects Cancer

3. Matthew Manos, 25: Creating A Movement Of Pro Bono Services

4. Maurya Couvares, 29: Teaching Disadvantaged Children To Code

5. Hugh Evans, 30: Uniting Musicians and Changemakers

6. Daniel Maree, 25: Galvanizing Thousands To Peacefully Protest Racial Profiling

7. Chase Adam, 27: Crowdfunding Medical Care

via 7 Millennials Who Are Too Busy Changing The World To Take Selfies | Huffington Post

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